Printing technology of LVT Click Flooring manufacturers in china

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LVT Click Flooring and integrated wall surface subvert the disadvantages of traditional decoration with serious pollution and cumbersome procedures. They are made of titanium-magnesium-aluminum alloy, polyurethane thermal insulation materials, and aluminum foil. One process is directly installed on the wall of the rough room, from raw materials, production and processing, to During the construction and installation, the hazards of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful substances will be eliminated. Compared with traditional decorative materials, LVT Click Flooring is not only more environmentally friendly, but also much higher in value.

3D printing: higher quality picture

3D printing is a disruptive industrial technological revolution. As the most "flexible" manufacturing technology, 3D printing is rewriting traditional large-scale production, entering personalized, digital, and flexible manufacturing methods, and realizing more personalized home decoration , More beautiful decoration.
Jianle Integrated Wall has introduced the international advanced 3D printer-Konica 1024i, which is the latest high-performance 3D printer with 1024 ink holes. Its biggest feature is: independent channel drive technology, the print head is driven faster than ordinary 3D The printer is 3 times faster and the picture quality is more high-definition, which makes the overall decoration effect of the product more outstanding.

LVT Click Flooring manufacturers in china

UV transfer: stronger three-dimensional transparency

In addition, Jianle Integrated Wall also heavily introduces UV transfer technology. UV transfer uses UV ink, which has the advantages of fine print pattern, good color stability, high brightness, no color change, and no fading. Moreover, UV ink can keep the air in the production environment fresh, does not contain harmful substances such as TVOC, and can prevent home decoration pollution. It is currently an environmentally friendly technology recognized internationally.

Through the application of UV transfer technology, Jianle integrated wall products have a stronger three-dimensional transparency, such as the imitation marble series products, which can be comparable to the decorative effect of marble tiles. The floor is covered with marble tiles, and the wall decoration Jianle integrates the wall marble series to create a more perfect modern high-grade home.