TV background wall and Luxury Vinyl Tiles Flooring

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Before decorating the TV background wall, first consider whether the TV should be hung up or placed on a cabinet. If you choose to hang, then the wall should be reserved for the placement of the TV pendant and the power socket before the decoration. If you want the overall vision to be neat and beautiful, you can bury a thick PVC pipe in the dark, and the wires can pass through the PVC pipe to the TV cabinet below for a concealed effect.

If the TV is not hung up, reserve a place for the TV before decoration, and bury the cables in advance. Two sockets can be reserved for the TV and set-top boxes next to the TV, and one socket on each side of the sofa , It is more practical to place a decorative lamp or a spare charging socket.The harmony between SPC Flooring in China and the wall also gives people a comfortable feeling.

When designing a small apartment TV background wall, pay attention to the size of the TV background wall area and the overall visual effect of the living room. The distance between human eyes and the TV is 3.5 times the size of the TV. Therefore, the TV background wall is determined according to the wall area and TV size. If the TV background wall area is too thick or too large, it will not only waste space resources, but also bring a sense of depression to the space.It is better to choose warm colors with SPC Flooring in China.
Whether it is a TV background wall or a sofa background wall, the addition of lighting decoration must be designed according to the overall space. According to the overall layout of the wall to design the light source type, lighting model and light distribution method. Use lighting decoration to create a unique light and shadow effect in the overall space.
The commonly used lights in home decoration are yellow, soft and warm, followed by white paper lights. Exaggerated lighting such as seven colors and flashes will make the room feel like KTV, which is too exaggerated.