How to Choose Best Waterproof Flooring for Kitchen/Bathroom?

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Water is the natural enemy of the floor, water or moisture underneath the flooring will weaken glue bonds, cause bulge and promote the growth of mold. Thanks to the revolutionary developments in today's technology, many floorings overcome the shortcoming of being afraid of water and are even claimed to be 100% waterproof. That’s why waterproof vinyl floorings like waterproof PVC floorings, waterproof vinyl tiles or SPC waterproof floorings are so popular today. 

However, before we launch a discussion on what’s the best waterproof flooring for the bathroom, kitchen or balcony, we have to make the difference between waterproof flooring and water-resistant flooring clear.

In terms of the performance that obstructs water, waterproof flooring is the winner. Waterproof flooring provides a barrier to water by applying special materials and coating to the surface of the floor and tightly click locked so that water can’t penetrate the flooring. Whereas, water-resistant floorings obstruct water because of their tight construction to withstand more water.

1. Is waterproof flooring really waterproof?

So is waterproof flooring really waterproof? The answer is yes, and no. 

Floorings on the market that claimed to be waterproof mean the flooring can be waterproof on the surface and moistureproof in the core. Unless the pipes in your house burst or your house is flooded and the floor is submerged in water for a long time, waterproof floorings can indeed be 100% waterproof. In other cases, once your floor has been dried up, it can be as good as before. 

2. Which floors have better waterproof performance?

It is universally known that wood fears water, so as a kind of water-resistant flooring, wood floorings are available in rooms where little water will be spilled on the flooring. and so do laminate floorings or carpets. Based on the core material and installation method, vinyl flooring and tiles are out of question the best options.

Tiles like porcelain or ceramic tile and natural stone tile flooring are often used in bathrooms, pools and other wet areas. This kind of material is highly resistant to water and has an extremely low absorption rate of water. This is not uncommon to find drops of water or liquid float on the surface of waterproof tiles.

The other good choice is vinyl flooring. Vinyl floorings like SPC flooring, PVC flooring, vinyl tiles are all waterproof thanks to their waterproof material. Especially for the click vinyl floorings, the tight lock makes a narrow seam against water. Waterproof PVC floorings, waterproof SPC floorings and waterproof vinyl tiles are usually applied in kitchens, balconies and bathrooms.

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3. Best waterproof flooring for bathroom, kitchen and balcony

A bathroom is a place where humidity is heavy all the year round. Many bathrooms have not done the separation of dry and wet before. It is easy to leave water on the floor when taking a bath or washing clothes. Accordingly, waterproof tiles are more suitable in the bathrooms and you can easily remove water from the tiles with an absorbent mop.

How to choose waterproof floorings for balconies? See if your balcony is open, if the weather is rainy in your city and if the drainage project is well done. One of the obvious drawbacks of ceramic tiles is that they feel cold, so I recommend applying vinyl flooring in other wet areas of the room. Vinyl flooring is inexpensive and also fine, thus is suitable for a large area of laying. Moreover, compared with tiles, it feels warmer.

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As a PVC flooring manufacturer in China, hoyflooring has a powerful R&D team to create high-tech waterproof floorings, including waterproof PVC flooring, waterproof vinyl tile and SPC waterproof flooring. The waterproof performance of our floorings is proved by rigorous testing and verification. On the basis of waterproof, we also pay great attention to the texture and appearance of floorings to provide highly cost-effective products.

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