The continuous improvement of SPC Flooring in china

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The continuous improvement of SPC Flooring in china.On May 5, 2018, Oupai Home Furnishing Southwest flagship store opened in Yibin City, Sichuan Province, integrating decoration materials, basic construction, soft fittings, customized furniture, design and installation, and wasteland cleaning before moving in. Users only need to purchase household appliances and daily necessities to easily move in with their bags.

In December 2017, Seagull Sanitary Ware was officially renamed "Seagull Living", clarifying the determination to enter the complete bathroom. In August 2018, Seagull Housing acquired 55% of the equity of Jaco Polo cabinets, and firmly continued to develop in the direction of the whole house.

SPC Flooring in china

In March 2018, Dongpeng Ceramics launched a complete product package. By integrating the upstream supply chain of ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, kitchen appliances, ceilings, doors and windows, coatings, etc., and providing overall home solutions, it empowered small and medium-sized decoration companies and officially entered the consolidation field.

But in the "complete installation" model, no matter how to expand the product to achieve "completeness", the key is to "install" it. Therefore, as an important entrance closest to consumers, home improvement companies have a natural advantage in the development of self-assembly. According to, by the end of 2018, the home furnishing market with home improvement as a channel will account for as much as 30%. It can even be said that home improvement companies do not do the whole installation, which is a huge waste.

SPC Flooring in china is constantly evolving.Brand decoration companies such as Dongyi Risheng, Yezhifeng, Gold Mantis·jia, etc., are continuously integrating the supply chain, extending from hard to soft, and steadily advancing the whole house installation, which has become the most powerful one-stop installation. competitor. And Internet installation companies represented by, Tubatu and Aispace, relying on huge traffic, massive customer data and capital boost, are also exploring and practicing the installation model. Even many small and medium-sized installation companies are actively moving closer to "complete installation", wanting to get a share of the big market. Suddenly, the industry was surging, and it was so lively.