A difficult period in all aspects for vinyl flooring manufacturers in china

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The current environment is A difficult period in all aspects for vinyl flooring manufacturers in china.The whole world is paying attention to the smoke-free war between China and the coronavirus, especially the United States, which has close trade ties with China on the other side of the Atlantic.

So, what impact has this virus brought to China's furniture industry? What counter measures has the industry taken? Take a look at the observation and summary of the Chinese version of Furniture Today.
As China is in a period of economic transition, the impact of the epidemic will be more profound than the SARS virus outbreak in 2003. The furniture industry will also usher in a difficult period.

The situation of vinyl flooring manufacturers
However, compared with the irreversible losses suffered by industries such as catering, tourism, and entertainment, the home furnishing industry may not be so bad, because the demand for home consumption will not disappear but delay, so the industry has greater hopes for recovery.
Beginning on February 13, some production companies and distribution malls have resumed production and business. The industry's resumption time is expected to be at the end of February and early March. Prior to this, the industry started a very efficient and timely self-rescue operation, which will be described in detail below. In addition, the positive impact of the epidemic on the industry is also emerging, and it may even become a major boost to the transformation of the industry.
The vinyl flooring manufacturers stagnated consumption, damaged exports, postponed the exhibition, and suffered short-term damage to the industry order.

vinyl flooring manufacturers in china

Most direct impact

The most direct impact of the epidemic on the industry is the stagnation of consumption. As home furnishing stores are banned from operating, the small peak of home improvement consumption after the Spring Festival every year disappears. Distributors have to pay rent, employee salaries, and other fixed expenses, and the cash flow is very tight.
A dealer said to Today Furniture. Similarly, home furnishing stores cannot be opened, factories cannot be started, upstream materials suppliers have no business, and every link in the home furnishing industry chain is undergoing severe tests. And companies engaged in home furnishing import and export trade are facing the dilemma of lack of supply and export control. "One of our foreign customers needs a piece of equipment accessories, but we can't find the source of goods in China, and the factory has not yet started." said a household exporter.

In the short term, the challenges faced by the home furnishing industry are huge, which will affect the industry's profits in the first half of the year. At present, the Chinese government is making every effort to control the epidemic and has achieved phased results. The confidence of the industry is gradually returning.

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