Teach You the Best Way to Clean Vinyl Floors--Simple but Effectively

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Vinyl flooring now is very popular. It is waterproof and widely applied in bathrooms or kitchens. Vinyl floor is also durable and long-lasting to bear high traffic. Most importantly, its pattern varies which can make them look like wood, tile and even stone.

Floorings are not like commodities which will be changed in a very short time. You may use the flooring for several decades until you move or renovate your house. So cleaning your vinyl floorings correctly and maintaining them termly are necessary.

So how to clean vinyl flooring? It is not difficult and costly actually. You don’t need to use any unwieldy and big machines. On the contrary, steps of cleaning vinyl flooring can be very easy and clear. So follow me, I will take you to get the best way to clean floor and give you some surprising tips.

1.Steps of daily clean vinyl plank flooring

1) Remove dirt and dust

First and foremost, use a broom or dry mop to sweep away big and visible garbage. Then use a vacuum cleaner(choose the mode which doesn’t use the beater bar) to clean tiny dust or remanent hair. Remember to sweep your floor at least every 1 or 2 days to clear big particles. Grit or dirt can secretly damage your vinyl flooring.

2) Clear tough stain

There are always some tough stains that you can’t easily tackle. Such as sauce, ink, fruit juice, etc. Find the corresponding solution of each type in the following. 

  • Clean acidic substances like fruit juice or wine on vinyl floor

Mix baking soda and water(2:1) to a paster. Spread the paster on the stains and use a soft towel to gently rub it. Don’t forget to clean the paster on the floor.

  • Clean oily substances like ink, lipsticks or crayon on vinyl floor

What you need are a nylon-bristle brush or a toothbrush and rubbing alcohol. Alcohol can well dissolve oily components.

  • Clean gelatinous substances like glue on vinyl floor

First, heat the glue with a hairdryer because high temperature will reduce the adhesion of the glue. Then use an eraser and rubbing alcohol to gradually wipe the glue.

3) Mop the floor 

After cleaning all the dust and stains, use a damp mop to mop the vinyl floor. 

Although the vinyl floor is waterproof, too much water can still cause curlings and separation of seams. So don’t leave too much water on your mophead.

You can use soapy water to mop the floor since soap can work as a nice cleaner for vinyl flooring, but don't forget to mop the floor again with pure water. Another choice is mixing the water and vinegar, which can reach the disinfection and sterilization effect. 

4) Air dry the floor

Just open the window and let the floor air dry. Try not to touch the floor until it is completely dry.

2.Tips for maintaining vinyl flooring

a. A old toothbrush can be a very nice tool to clean vinyl floorings. The crevices between the floors will inevitably harbor dirt and dust as time goes on. The hair of toothbrush is relatively soft and won’t scratch the floor in the process of cleaning and quickly clean up the dust in the gap. Never use hard and sharp things like a steel ball to scrape dirt, it will badly hurt your flooring.

b. One of the best cleansers for vinyl flooring is apple cider vinegar. The acidity of the vinegar helps remove dirt without leaving soap or wax. Simply mix a cup of cider vinegar with hot water and clean with a wet mop.

c. Place a mat at the door to prevent dust and dirt.

d. Sweep every 1 or 2 days and deep mop the floor every week. Termly clean is beneficial to your floor.

e. Don’t apply paste wax to polish your vinyl floor. They will leave a thin film on the floor and builds up over time. 

f. Put or paste pads under the legs of the chair to reduce the scratches when you drag the chairs. Similarly, put a pad on the floor when you need to move heavy items.

After reading this article, have you got how to deep clean vinyl floors? If you still have any questions or if you’d like to buy vinyl floors of high quality, please submit an inquiry or send emails to [email protected], we will reply to you as soon as possible.