SPC Flooring in china is a suitable match for furniture decoration

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Many people are basically ignorant of home color matching, and many texts about color matching have to start with the color principle, but they don't understand anything at the end. Today, aside from professional terms, we are talking about people! Tell you how to match the color of your home! Just do multiple choice questions to solve it perfectly! Absolutely simple and rude!

SPC Flooring in China and home decoration painting color matching: choose a color to emphasize.

SPC Flooring in China and home decoration, the important thing is to create a sense of tidiness, because these two spaces are the hardest hit areas of debris, and they can be unified by color. The bedroom and the living room are hard-hit areas with soft furnishings, do you feel confused? At this time, it's time to "single color", and use the color of the home atmosphere you expect.

Among the four screen landscape paintings, each screen has its own theme and can be independently formed into a painting. The painting style is clean and elegant. Although it is a green landscape, compared with the traditional landscape, it is not vulgar, but it is more refreshing and bright. The unique  art form of Sitiaoping landscape painting is just right for decoration in the living room of the home.

A picture of the Great Wall is matched in the home to enhance the maturity and stability of the home, but a few blue and yellow pillows are matched with the blue carpet in the home, which is a playful match for the home. From the perspective of feng shui, the Great Wall resembles a Chinese dragon. The dragon vein stretches for thousands of miles, like a giant dragon taking off. The meaning is profound. People sitting in front of their seats, the Great Wall painting is on both shoulders