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The combination of decorative painting and LVT Click Flooring can sometimes give people a different feeling. Perhaps it is the experience brought by modern and Chinese painting and calligraphy.

Design is a kind of fashion trend, a kind of refined elegance, a kind of natural leisure, and it is a kind of soul tracing. Today we will take a look at how to buy decorative paintings, and brand recommendations for decorative paintings.

The principle of choosing LVT Click Flooring
1. Pay attention to the material and thickness of the board. Choose decorative paintings made of environmentally-friendly high-density fiberboard on the backboard. Generally, the formaldehyde content of MDF or worse is prone to exceed the standard. In addition, thick plates can be stored longer than thin plates and are not easily deformed.

2. Note that LVT Click Flooring is clear and flat. The back panel, resolution and flatness of the screen, the film is even and no blistering, the bedroom decoration renderings, the accuracy and meticulous corner cutting die need attention.

How to choose decorative painting
1. Pay attention to the style of the pattern. It is best to choose atmospheric paintings in the living room, and the patterns are best to be beautiful scenery, still life and characters, abstract modernism. Don't choose paintings with too strong style for purely private spaces such as bedrooms.

2. Pay attention to the size. In the living room, the height of the painting should be 50 to 80 cm, and the length should be determined according to the length of the wall or the main furniture. Generally, it should not be less than 2/3 of the main furniture; for smaller kitchens, bathrooms, etc., you can choose a height of 30 Small decorative paintings about centimeters.