The helpful flooring buying guide for everyone

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How to choose the floor decoration materials suitable for your home? This helpful flooring buying guide may give you some good advice.
Floor and floor tiles are the largest single item investment in the hard installation. How to choose the floor decoration materials suitable for your home is also a problem that every family will encounter when decorating, not only the material, but also the color.
Today we will talk about floor related issues.

Three topics

1. What are the types and characteristics of the floor
2. How to choose the floor suitable for your family

3. Common problems

helpful flooring buying guide

Others include bamboo flooring, PVC flooring, cork flooring, and anticorrosive wood flooring.
The scientific name impregnated paper laminated wood floor is a high-density fiberboard as the base material, with decorative impregnated paper and wear-resistant impregnated paper on the surface, balance paper on the back, and a tongue-and-groove floor made by processes such as hot pressing and mortising.
The most common type in the market and the widest audience. The development in China is now relatively mature.
The biggest feature is that it is particularly wear-resistant, easy to install, moisture-proof, flame-retardant, simple to maintain, and affordable.

The disadvantages are also obvious: the texture is poor and the feet feel stiff.Many flooring enthusiasts are paying more and more attention to these products from hoy Flooring manufacturers in china .