The exquisite wholesale vinyl plank brings more imagination to the room space

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Modern urban life is busy and tense. A warm home can bring everyone the most relaxing leisure time. The exquisite wholesale vinyl plank can bring a lot of imagination.

But how can you make your home warm and comfortable? As long as you master some small skills, you can easily create a pleasant home. The editor of Life Home has prepared a series of fashion information from house decoration to home furnishing to help you have a relaxed and comfortable life.

Sun room

The huge glass of the sun room can borrow the spring scenery from the outside, but it is slightly monotonous. It needs green plants with bright shapes and colors to enhance the beauty and comfort of the house. The pink and yellow potted plants of different kinds of flowers are very harmonious. The combination of plants with different leaf sizes and levels, interprets the spring scenery that has arrived in advance. Transform and beautify the protagonist can choose to mix and match potted plants.

On the concise bedside table, you might as well put some characteristic flower pots. The flower pots themselves can create an ideal atmosphere. The round glass flowerpots with gold support are eye-catching and unique, and the brightly colored flower bouquets planted in the hydroponic type have a delicate beauty of careful modification. To transform and beautify the protagonist, you can choose spherical multi-color potted flowers.

exquisite wholesale vinyl plank

The art of wholesale vinyl plank

There is more space on the countertop near the water basin, and the water basin is made of stainless steel, which gives it a slightly cold feeling. For the gentle space, the plants do not need to be too dense, but the part with the flowers should be sprayed out of the pots, exuding vigor, and transformed into a potted plant that can beautify the protagonist and choose pink flowers.

The artistic temperament of The wholesale vinyl plank makes other furniture more advanced.The sofa is placed against the window and has a full sunlight background. If the back part is empty, it will be very wasteful. The plants with slender branches have a distinctive sense of symbols, and the sparsely-shaped colorful bouquets are packed in plain glass tall bottles, which has a calm and pleasant sentiment. The protagonist can choose long plum blossom or peach blossom.Home owners who like art can use the helpful flooring buying guide to buy their favorite vinyl plank.

Against the elegant background of the brown classical wallpaper, the dark black corners have a distinct texture. The combination of the block mirror and the metal photo frame gives the entire space a cold modern feel. The antique-shaped angel carved stone flowerpot neutralizes the coldness of the room with a texture that is contrary to glass and metal. The vine-like and upwardly radiating plants are both elegant and majestic, and the lush white flowers are also full of classical temperament. To transform and beautify the protagonist, you can choose stone flower pots + hanging large potted plants.