Breakdown of PVC/SPC/LVT Flooring Cost/Price (Updated 2021)

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If you don’t want to spend too much money on your flooring yet want it to look exquisite, then PVC flooring will be the best option. It is very cost-effective because it can vividly imitate solid wood, marble and other textures on the appearance. Moreover, this kind of material is light and cheap, and also very convenient to install,

thus saving the installation cost.

Before diving into the breakdown of overall cost, first figure out that SPC flooring, WPC flooring and LVT flooring are three different variants of PVC flooring. Check my article 101 Guide of LVT, WPC & SPC Vinyl Flooring| How to Choose? to determine which one is your fit.

SPC flooring and LVT flooring are popular options from my clients. They often ask for a price list of the flooring and its transportation fee and installation fee. So as a professional flooring manufacturer, today I will deeply analyze the overall cost to install vinyl flooring.

1. Factors of vinyl flooring cost

a. The type of vinyl flooring

As we know, according to the structure and shape, vinyl flooring can be divided into vinyl plank flooring, vinyl sheet flooring and vinyl tile flooring.

Vinyl plank flooring price

Vinyl plank flooring is the best for wood-like, and it comes in different thicknesses. For vinyl floors, the thicker the structure is, the easier it is to install and the more expensive it is.

Vinyl sheet flooring price

Vinyl sheet flooring is the thinnest and cheapest option. Vinyl sheet flooring can be seamless, but consider this: the vinyl sheet is the most difficult one to transport and install.

Vinyl tile flooring price

Vinyl tile flooring is the one that imitates marble best. It comes in different thicknesses like vinyl planks and various customizable designs. It is easy to store, transport and install, and it is durable and easy to repair.

b. Transportation / distance fee

As I have mentioned, sometimes transportation for vinyl flooring is not as easy as transportation for a fridge or an air conditioner to your door. If you purchase a big order of flooring from flooring manufacturers, you’d need to pay shipping and delivery costs, and if you buy floorings in stores near you, you will need to pay the distance fee to your home.

c. Removal of old flooring

In some cases, there is already an existing floor and you will have to remove the old floor. It is not an easy job so you will have to ask the professional workers to do this project.

d. Leveling your flooring

The vinyl floor has a high requirement on the flatness of the ground. If you want the best effect, workers will handle the sanding and leveling jobs at an additional cost.

e. Cost of accessories and supplies

Sometimes you will need other auxiliary materials like moisture barrier and adhesive to finish the project.

f. Installation cost / labor cost

Depending on the floor type and the scale of your project, the labor cost per square foot of installing vinyl flooring varies.

g. Maintain fee

Fortunately, cleaning and maintaining the vinyl floor is not a big project. I have introduced the way to clean vinyl floors step by step and some tips for maintaining in

Teach You the Best Way to Clean Vinyl Floors--Simple but Effectively. You can do this job all by yourself and the only cost you need to pay may be just a brush and a bottle of vinegar. 

2. SPC flooring price and installation cost

Price may be the biggest disadvantage of SPC flooring. The price of SPC flooring on the market usually differs in the price per square foot. The price depends on the brand, thickness, quality and the quantity of your order. So that the installation cost of the SPC floor is also different

3. LVT flooring cost and installation cost


The LVT floor is very easy to install due to its click-and-lock system. So that the price of LVT floor is not much different from SPC floor.

4. SPC & LVT flooring at hoy-tech

Hoy-tech flooring is a flooring manufacturer dedicated to producing the best SPC flooring and LVT flooring. We offer SPC online, SPC ABA, LVT dry back, LVT click and LVT loose lay flooring at competitive prices. Larger quantities can have lower prices.

If you have any questions or if you want a more detailed quote of floorings, please submit an inquiry or send emails to [email protected], we will reply to you as soon as possible.