The economic recovery has improved the performance of LVT Flooring manufacturers in china

2020-10-13 16:20:50 Zheijiang Hoy Technology Co, Ltd Viewd 1508

Changes in the economic environment have had an important impact on the operation of LVT Flooring manufacturers in china. In the first half of this year, what changes have occurred in the production and sales of enterprises? Is market demand gradually recovering? It can be seen from interviews that the domestic sales of most companies have not changed much, and some companies have even increased. However, the decline in export sales is relatively obvious, which is in line with the current results of the continued spread of foreign epidemics.

According to Xu Guoping, Midea’s hot water product quality manager, “The epidemic has had a significant impact on our installed large appliances, especially the offline retail market has experienced a significant year-on-year decline, but thanks to our early development of e-commerce channels, Online sales have increased significantly year-on-year, and our company has actively launched activities such as live broadcasts on various platforms and new product launches in the cloud. Sales data in the second quarter rebounded year-on-year. In terms of export sales, orders were generally stable. On the one hand, orders were inertia. On the other hand, due to the suspension of work in some countries, we resumed work earlier and obtained some transfer orders, but the overall growth rate is still recovering.

According to Liu Bingyao, Executive Vice President of Master Group, in the first half of 2020, Master Group actively took effective measures to eliminate the impact of the epidemic, and the overall operating situation was basically the same as the same period last year. Among them, exports have declined, while exports to domestic sales and brand domestic sales have achieved greater growth. It is worth mentioning that online sales have doubled year-on-year, which is a positive change.

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Some companies also experienced a decline in production and sales. According to Shao Dajun, general manager of Jiangsu Chima Zipper Co., Ltd., Chimara’s link orders in the first half of this year fell by 26.1% compared with the same period last year, and sales fell by 20.6%. However, the current zipper industry is gradually coming out of the strong impact brought by the first stage of the epidemic and entering a period of slow recovery. In terms of exports, zippers have been greatly affected, especially the US market.

How to deal with this change? He introduced that LVT Flooring manufacturers in china adjusted their business strategies in time. On the one hand, as a responsible and responsible company, the company did its best to increase the supply of protective clothing zippers in the first half of the year; on the other hand, the company Optimized the structure and process, strengthened management in controlling costs and expenses, and has achieved preliminary results.