Morandi colors to be used in Flooring of LVT Flooring manufacturers in china

2020-10-12 16:21:12 Zheijiang Hoy Technology Co, Ltd Viewd 1826
The Morandi color system is derived from the famous Italian painter Giorgio Morandi. He used soft and elegant artistic inspiration to cover the color with a high-level veil throughout his life, creating a soft and quiet color in a pure form. Artistic conception, thus creating an unprecedented beauty in life.Recently, Morandi colors were used in LVT Flooring in china.

The Morandi color system adds a certain proportion of gray to the color. The color saturation of this color system is low. It looks unassuming and not bright, as if it is covered with a layer of mist, but it has a sense of high-level. Peaceful, self-sustaining, soothing and elegant, and sometimes a little calm, there is a tepid softness and a simple and pure hazy beauty.

Original design is the soul of the product. In recent years, Morandi colors are standing on the cusp of future trends. In 2020, the natural floor will follow the trend, and the "Morandi Oak" imported three-layer solid wood floor will be launched. The simple design concept combines the Nordic natural elements to bring you modern Nordic style new products and awaken the space in the name of color trend.

This "Morandi Oak" is made of high-quality European oak. It has obvious growth rings and beautiful texture. Whether it is a mountain-like texture or a light and soothing straight line, the overall is soft and atmospheric. diningroom

"Morandi Oak" is used in the living room, with tough and smooth lines and fresh and generous colors. Walking into this already abundant indoor space, it appears spacious and bright under the blessing of the bright interior design. The low-saturation color of the floor can better set off the main body of soft decoration. This advantage is also well coordinated to maintain the overall simplicity of the interior, so that the owner who returns home can feel the relaxation and unrestrained after a long time, and let the mood take a deep breath. bedrrom

Hand-painted in Europe, accurately expressing the subtle transitions and changes of texture, restoring the soft beauty of Morandi color, and blessing the natural beauty of the precious logs on the surface, with a transparent texture and a delicate and soft touch. It can be used as soon as it touches the feet Wake up the cells of the whole body.

Gold specifications, unlimited applications on walls and floors, multiple spaces, fresh and sweet decorative effects, suitable for modern minimalist, new Chinese, American pastoral styles, especially Nordic style as the best style.
Since the middle of the 20th century, the Morandi color system has surpassed time and has eternal beauty, just like the original design of the original three-layer solid wood flooring imported from nature [Morandi Oak], which presents the ultimate fashion aesthetics of life. The LVT Flooring manufacturers in china applied it to the floor.