The mid-autumn of SPC Flooring manufacturers in china

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The mid-autumn of SPC Flooring manufacturers in china

In August this year, the furniture pavilion of Chengwai Furniture Plaza was reopened. Presenting in a "block" mode is one of the key points of the furniture gallery refurbishment and upgrade. Focusing on new trends in industries such as large home furnishings, flagship stores, living halls, smart stores, whole-house customization, light luxury, and new Chinese styles, Outer Cheng has upgraded the furniture hall brand, environment and services in an all-round way. Liu Yang, general manager of the market operation of Chengwai Home Furnishing Plaza, said: “While transforming the overall environment into a more comfortable and leisure block, we will also introduce home appliances and lifestyle supermarkets to enrich consumers’ choices.” Liu Yang Said that based on the large-scale home furnishing strategy with home consumption as the mainstay, the proportion of large home furnishing stores and flagship stores adjusted by Chengwai Chenghe has also further expanded. Top 100, Yifeng, Oupai, Huari, Qiangli, Qumei And other well-known big brands have settled in. Outer Cheng will further empower these home furnishing brands to provide consumers with more and more comprehensive SPC Flooring experience.

The SPC Flooring manufacturers in china use the holiday opportunity to launch promotions, which is effective.

On the basis of the refurbishment of the hardware facilities of the mall, Chengwai Home Furnishing Plaza celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival, the store celebration, and the National Day. Activities such as "Thousands of People Eat Cake", "Mid-Autumn Auction", "Integrity Alliance" and other activities were launched. During this period, new store openings and lucky draws will be held. According to Liu Yang, during the period of November this year, which lasted two weeks, the total turnover of Outer Chengcheng exceeded 200 million yuan, a slight increase compared to last year.

SPC Flooring manufacturers in china

From September 22 to October 7, Jimei Home Furnishing's first autumn furniture and building materials fair and the first Jimei International Wine Culture Festival opened. Different from the traditional holiday promotions in the past, This time the SPC Flooring manufacturers in china have carefully created an international wine culture festival, wine tasting interaction, and Jimei square cheongsam show And other activities. It is understood that during the "Drunk Love Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day Coupons" event, a total of 8,000 15-liter 300-yuan appreciation coupons; 3,000 50-liter 1,000-yuan appreciation coupons; and 6,000 discount coupons of 300 yuan if they are over 5000. Drive sales of 80 million yuan, with an average daily traffic of 40,000 person-times, and sales of 230 million yuan