The shrinking terminal retail market in many cities

2020-11-06 15:39:41 Zheijiang Hoy Technology Co, Ltd Viewd 1496
When the retail market is shrinking, should manufacturers and businesses continue to increase store construction efforts?

Store retail has long been the main battlefield for ceramic pvc flooring manufacturers and distributors, as well as the most important sales channel and sales model.

From the wholesale market in the past to the later specialty stores, flagship stores, home furnishing stores, sales outlets, and channels Point, both enterprises and distributors are building as many stores as possible, and through store expansion and radiation, more consumer groups are covered.

The SPC Flooring in china has chosen a business model with more customers.

Therefore, manufacturers have always spared no effort in channel expansion and store expansion. Channel sinking, store expansion, transformation and upgrading are also one of the marketing strategies that many ceramic companies have tried repeatedly over the years.

However, as market competition continues to intensify, the terminal circulation market, like the production link, has experienced varying degrees of overcapacity, and even the surplus in the circulation link exceeds that in the production link. Under normal circumstances, there are always several high, middle and low-end building materials and home furnishing stores in a city. Especially with the rapid expansion of large national home furnishing stores such as Red Star Macalline and Yuran's Home, the market cake is quickly diverted, which has caused some traditional markets. Great shock. In recent years, we have often seen such scenes: home furnishing stores, building materials markets, and retail stores in many cities are deserted most of the time. Few individual customers come to buy bricks. There are far more shop assistants selling bricks than buying bricks. Consumers. (SPC Flooring in china)