In the number of consumers of LVT Flooring manufacturers in china

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In the number of consumers of LVT Flooring manufacturers in china

It is In the number of consumers of LVT Flooring manufacturers in china.

Compared with the sharp decline in the number of consumers in the terminal market, as well as the sluggish user demand and poor shipments, it is obvious that the headaches are not only Red Star and these furniture distributors, but also thousands of furniture factories from the market.
I tried a variety of methods, and the light luxury was also available, but the market response is not very good...", "Furniture is too difficult to make in the past two years. It seems that there is no problem when you see a lot of companies, but this is the appearance. Only he knows the pain behind..."
"Others asked me how my business was? I said it was okay, but I lost hundreds of thousands last month. How long can I support it if this continues?" This is a sigh from a furniture factory owner.
Not just the millions of LVT Flooring companies, including those billion-dollar industry giants, have generally begun to "lost" in the competition in the terminal market.

The reason is not complicated: everyone knows that in the past, large-scale, low-cost homogeneous products manufactured at low prices in the terminal market have no future and have encountered ceilings.

However, regardless of the differentiated innovation of channels, or the differentiated changes of products and technologies, time and continuous investment are required.
Under such circumstances, many LVT Flooring companies have been stagnating in the context of "knowing that there are tigers in the mountains" and choosing to "prefer to the tiger mountains".
So there is a "false loss", that is, the researchers still want to continue to rush to scale and grab cakes at low prices, but soberly see that users are not buying it at all.
The LVT Flooring manufacturers in china need to stay awake.
Whether it is "actively getting lost" or "really getting lost", for many LVT Flooring factories, the ups and downs and turbulence of the entire market make it impossible to take "old wine in new bottles".
Because this year, a large number of pseudo-high-end, pseudo-technological product technical concepts have been ineffective in stimulating the market and users. It is necessary to invest "real money" to solve the problem of product and service differentiation.