Reduced contact between physical stores and LVT Flooring

2020-11-10 11:09:24 Zheijiang Hoy Technology Co, Ltd Viewd 1549
This is a question that many chain stores and some furniture hypermarket operators will ask from time to time this year. The embarrassment of reality is that the main channels of furniture retailing in those days are now all in a sharp decline in popularity, and users cannot be seen in the stores.
The LVT Flooring manufacturers in china began to transform from physical stores to online stores.
Not to mention the usual working hours, even weekends and holidays, in the store, it is completely unpopular.

Except for these national chain hypermarkets, even some regional furniture hypermarkets are not doing much better. The most important thing is that people who buy furniture don’t know where they are going, whether it’s on weekdays or on holidays.

This is the most realistic portrayal of the operating and survival status of offline furniture stores in the past year and a half. Where did the people who bought LVT Flooring go? As we all know, e-commerce giants represented by and Tmall attract a large number of young consumer groups, especially those who are just in demand and new users.
However, the middle-aged group, who originally relied on a large number of offline physical stores for survival, had a purchase reluctance effect due to various factors such as external economic constraints.

With the sharp decline of the consumer group buying furniture and the suppression of consumer demand, the result is not just the bleak business and scarce staff of offline furniture stores.
The LVT Flooring manufacturers in china in china was not disappointed by this situation.

Even in the past, e-commerce online stores with a spurt of growth and bright prospects have seen their growth rate slow down since the beginning of this year. E-commerce giants frequently increase the two-line layout from online stores to offline physical stores, thereby expanding more portals and platforms, and seeking steady growth under multiple portals.