PVC Flooring manufacturers in china achieve the integration of multi-category

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PVC Flooring manufacturers in china achieve the integration of multi-category.
Behind the many custom-made companies that have made efforts to prepare, it is true that capital can not be separated from the fuel, but the root cause is the change in consumer demand. From the perspective of users, with the upgrading of consumption, people are no longer satisfied with a single service and standardized products for decoration, but hope that the decoration company can provide a one-stop service of design, material selection, distribution, and construction. In this situation, how should the development strategy of traditional furniture companies change?

The first thing we think of may be the big home strategy of furniture companies. However, the traditional large-scale home furnishing strategy has not been able to achieve the integration of multi-category home furnishing products, and eventually becomes a simple multi-category strategy. The main reason is the lack of a mechanism to integrate multiple categories.

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The development of the whole package allows PVC Flooring manufacturers in china to see that they can form a mechanism to integrate multiple categories through package operations. If the concept of design dominance is introduced, the strategic essence of PVC Flooring's development toward home improvement (or complete decoration) is to compete for the design dominance of the home improvement element organization. Because design leadership is also sales leadership. Therefore, we will see more big-name furniture companies join the ranks of assembly operations. Not only as a supplier of packaged materials, but a packaged operator.

It can be expected that for a long time in the future, there will be a fierce brand game between home improvement companies and furniture companies. Behind this brand game, there is actually a struggle for design dominance. In this game, furniture companies are clearly at a disadvantage. Therefore, in order to win this battle and protect the company's brand, it may be necessary to do home improvement operations.

On the other hand, with the rise of PVC Flooring consumption, the advantages of whole-house customization companies as the three major traffic portals (real estate, home improvement companies, and whole-house customization) will be weakened. For whole-house customization companies, if they fail to open up the flow of the package entrance, they may lose their traffic advantages and become the target of package integration. In an era when traffic is king, this is undoubtedly the last thing the whole house customization giant wants to face.

In addition, for whole-house customization companies, whether in terms of design, production, products, channels, or capital, production capacity, the whole-house customization industry has reached its peak. Compared with self-contained companies, whole-house custom companies lack design leadership. In other words, if home improvement consumers go to a home improvement company first, they may not have the opportunity to come to a whole house custom enterprise.