Traveling to northern Europe for Vinyl Flooring manufacturers in china

2020-11-18 17:13:30 Zheijiang Hoy Technology Co, Ltd Viewd 1839

As an investigator in the domestic home improvement industry, I went to Northern Europe for my company. This trip allowed me to deepen the image of Nordic furniture and flooring. At the same time, Vinyl Flooring manufacturers in china have gained more experience.

I went to Sweden in the fall. I felt a lot along the way. I planned to go back to my country to write and write quickly, but when I came back, I was all busy... Seeing that this year is about to end, I have to make a ending for 2017 before New Year’s Eve. , It’s just that time has passed, and the memory of that journey is obviously not the clearest right now. Just remember to write as much as you want.

You also know that I have been decorating my home for a year, and seeing my home become a little richer, I feel very satisfied (especially after installing Kohler's toilet lid, I will never fear the cold winter again), but many people When I looked at my house, I said, oh, it’s quite Nordic! I was immediately unhappy. The house I built with great pains can be summed up in two words, and I don’t want to put my own house at all. Will it become the Nordic style!

Vinyl Flooring manufacturers in china

It’s not that the Nordic wind is not good, but the so-called Nordic wind is too widespread in China in recent years, which makes people feel a little bit resistant. However, when I personally set foot on the Nordic country this time and felt the real Scandinavian customs, I was shocked to realize that the so-called Nordic style, which is popular in China, is completely on the surface, and the Nordic lifestyle, We really can't learn it.

But it was these things that I couldn't learn that made me feel the most and fascinated me on this journey.