Vinyl Flooring manufacturers in china introduce color matching for room

2020-11-18 16:48:39 Zheijiang Hoy Technology Co, Ltd Viewd 1848
Vinyl Flooring manufacturers in china introduced the importance of color matching in interior design and the role of several common colors. Of course, we also mentioned how these colors are used in several popular home decoration style walls. So today, Xiao C will still take the topic of home color matching and take everyone to learn more about color matching and applications. Help everyone to play with color matching and create their own colorful Vinyl Flooring home space.
1. Complementary colors: colors with an angle of 180° on the color circle. Such as red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple.
2. Contrasting colors: Compared with complementary colors, contrasting colors have less stringent requirements. They are between 120° and 180°. In theory, complementary colors are included in contrasting colors. For example: pink and green are contrasting colors.
3. Similar colors: refer to very similar colors, generally between 30° on the hue circle. For example, lemon yellow and medium yellow are similar colors.

4. Approximate color: Compared with similar colors, the angle range of the approximate color on the color circle will be larger, generally within 60°. Therefore, similar colors are also similar colors. For example, lemon yellow and orange are similar colors, not similar colors.

Colour matching

1.Monochrome matching

This kind of matching technique is a combination of different shades and shades under the same basic color, which can create a peaceful and coordinated atmosphere. It is mostly used in bedroom collocation. In Vinyl Flooring decoration, different color elements can be used to increase visual interest.
2, complementary color matching
Complementary color matching has a very strong visual impact and is a very modern and fashionable combination. But if the control is not good, it is easy to have uncoordinated effects.

Vinyl Flooring manufacturers in china much attention to the overall color matching.