The difference between PVC elastic floor and plastic runway

2020-08-04 10:00:00 浙江禾运科技有限公司 Viewd 2510

PVC elastic flooring and plastic runway products are easy to be confused. Let's talk about the difference between PVC elastic flooring and plastic runway.

1. Product composition:

A. The main component of the plastic track product is industrial polyurethane material, TDI for short, which will release harmful gases in the sun; some of the plastic particles used are crushed from waste tires, and its components are also harmful to the body. In addition, a large amount of non-degradable garbage will be formed after the aging of the plastic track.

B. The composition of PVC elastic floor is polyethylene and polypropylene (usually the composition of food plastic packaging such as instant noodles), which is thermally compounded by adding food-grade plasticizer during the production process. Outdoor PVC resilient flooring is also the raw material used.

2. National standards on product toxicity:

A. There is currently no national standard for plastic runways. Experts suggest that the environmental protection indicators for outdoor plastic runways are: toxic (hazardous) substances and gas emissions should not exceed 0.7% of the indoor national standard; meaning: no higher or greater than indoor floor harmful and toxic substances And 142 times the national gas standard. Currently this standard is not recognized by the country. Some developed countries prohibit laying; some are not recommended.

B. The production and testing of PVC resilient flooring are controlled in accordance with the national toxicity standards for interior decoration materials. Because the raw materials and production process of PVC flexible outdoor floor are basically the same as indoor ones, it is produced by adding anti-ultraviolet fading and anti-aging materials.

3. To sum up, PVC elastic floor and plastic track are two materials with completely different properties. PVC elastic floor is widely used by developed countries due to its inherent environmental protection performance (the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, etc.) Extensive), a wide range of use environments: medical care, education, ships, homes, shopping malls, factories and other areas.