The points to choose PVC flooring

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Compared with other floors, PVC flooring will make people feel more useful. There are many people who use plastic flooring in the current society. What are the advantages of PVC flooring? If it is determined that the ground needs to use plastic flooring, then To choose it, let's take a look at the plastic floor purchasing skills.

What are the advantages of PVC flooring ?

1.Plastic flooring is more environmentally friendly than other materials, not easy to wear, and the product is light in weight, not easy to absorb water, simple installation and operation, and simple maintenance. Especially now it advocates ecological protection and meets the requirements of environmental protection.
2. The plastic floor is made of non-flammable materials and has non-slip properties. The surface adopts a pvc wear-resistant layer, which makes the floor more wear-resistant and provides better protection during use.
3. There are many types of plastic floor, the surface texture has imitated wood, natural stone and other color textures, and it also has a carpet-like texture. Can provide users with customized services. Make the texture closer to the real thing.
4. The pvc flooring can be directly cut to size with a utility knife according to the needs of users for individual matching, which can give full play to the charm of designing creative homes and improve indoor homes.
5. The daily maintenance of pvc floor is convenient. If there are stains on it, it can be cleaned directly with a mop, and the floor looks the same as new.
PVC flooring

Second, plastic floor purchase skills
1. You should observe its thickness when purchasing. Common plastic floor thickness is divided into bottom layer thickness and wear-resistant layer thickness. Generally speaking, the thicker the wear-resistant layer, the longer the service life. The thickness of the bottom layer is about 2-3 mm, and the thickness of the wear-resistant layer is about 0.2-0.3 mm.
2. Pay attention to the raw materials and production process. Plastic floor is mainly composed of three kinds of materials: printed film layer, base material layer, and wear-resistant layer. The quality of the material will determine the quality of the pvc flooring. It is recommended that you try to choose the floor made by hot pressing. Although the cost of hot-pressed flooring is relatively high, the quality is more stable, and the wear-resistant layer is not easy to fall off during use.

What are the advantages of pvc flooring? There are many advantages of plastic flooring. If you need to buy plastic flooring, it is recommended that you take a good look at what kind of plastic flooring to buy. The purchasing skills of vinyl flooring are as above. If you are buying vinyl flooring for the first time, you must pay attention to buying good vinyl flooring.