Advantages of pvc flooring

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Service is related to the guarantee of product quality and also the performance of corporate image. The flooring products have some problems with warping, deformation and cracking soon after installation, many of which are caused by improper installation. Therefore, whether the service is professional or not also affects the performance of the product. Nowadays, dust-free installation is popular in floor installation, and dust pollution in home decoration should not be underestimated. For example, in floor installation projects, wood chips and dust will inevitably appear, floating in the air. It is also prone to serious harm.

The advantages and disadvantages of the ground vinyl floor are as above. According to its advantages and disadvantages, you can see whether you want to choose this type of floor. How to choose the ground vinyl floor? This article also introduces you to the purchase knowledge of this type of floor. The key to buying floor plastic flooring is to consider whether the floor at home is suitable for use. If the floor at home is not used, do not use it.

Environmental protection

1. Green and renewable
The main raw material of plastic flooring is a substance called polyvinyl chloride. This raw material is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and it is a renewable resource, which often appears in our daily lives, such as tap water pipes, tableware, and medical products. Don’t worry about its environmental performance, such as infusion tube bag.
2. Lightweight and wear-resistant
The thickness of pvc floorin is very thin, only 2-3mm, and the weight per square meter is also very light, which is less than one-tenth of ordinary floor materials. High-rise buildings will pay special attention to the load-bearing of the building and the saving of space. Its main advantage.
There is a layer of wear-resistant layer on the pvc floorin. Although it is transparent, it is very hard. The thickness and quality of the floor wear-resistant layer will be different for different varieties, but if it is used normally, the time can be as long as 5-10 years. Because the wear resistance of plastic floor is very good, it is very suitable for places with high traffic such as hospitals, schools, supermarkets, shopping malls and so on.
3. Anti-slip and impact resistance
The wear-resistant layer of the plastic floor is not only wear-resistant, but also non-slip. Under normal circumstances, if there is water on the ground, it will become slippery. However, after the plastic floor is soaked in water, the foot feels when stepping on it will become astringent, so that it is not easy to slip. Therefore, in some public places with high safety requirements, such as airports, hospitals, schools, etc., you can choose to lay plastic flooring.
The texture of pvc floorin is relatively soft, so it feels very comfortable when you step on it. At the same time, under the impact of heavy objects, its elastic recovery ability is very good, so if a person falls, it can minimize the damage of the ground to the human body, and will not bring collision impact to the floor.
4. Flame retardant, moisture-proof, sound-absorbing
The fireproof level of pvc floorin can reach the highest level of fireproofing of building materials. Its original material will not burn but can also prevent burning. If it is passively ignited, it will not produce toxic gases, and its smoke will not cause harm to the human body. . There is a layer of glass fiber in the floor to ensure its stability, so it will not be afraid of water. If it is not placed in water for a long time, it will not be mildewed or deformed due to high humidity. After seamless treatment on all levels of the floor, the sound insulation and sound absorption effect is very good, which is very suitable for meeting rooms, libraries, wards and other places.

1. Antibacterial, acid and alkali corrosion resistance
The surface of the plastic floor is generally treated with some antibacterial measures, so it can kill a lot of bacteria, and it can also inhibit the growth of bacteria. The plastic floor is very resistant to corrosion by chemicals such as acid and alkali, and it can be used in any harsh environment.
2. Simple splicing and installation, convenient maintenance
The joints of the plastic floor construction and installation are very small. Seamless welding can make the floor complete without gaps. This is not possible for ordinary floors. This can make the overall visual effect of the ground very good.
The installation process of pvc floorin is very fast, no cement or the like is needed, and it can be used soon after laying. For daily cleaning, you can use a wet mop, which saves manpower and material resources. At the same time, there is no need to wax after installation, and daily cleaning is required.
3. Good decoration effect
The types of patterns of pvc floorin are very diverse. Its texture is very realistic, beautiful, and has very rich and bright colors. When splicing, it can let you give full play to your creativity and imagination, which can completely satisfy different design styles. , Personalized decoration required by different groups of people. In addition, pvc floorin has no chromatic aberration, has good light resistance, and is not easy to fade after long-term use.