How to effectively maintain LVT Flooring?

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Own to effectively maintain LVT Flooring

In order to minimize dents and scratches, and to maintain LVT Flooring manufacturers in china the beauty of the for a long time, it is recommended that the chair feet be covered with a cushion or a foot cushion under the chair.

Contemporary home decoration occupies a part of the share. As the saying goes, "three-point floor, seven-point maintenance", for wooden floors, some wooden floors may only be used for three to five years, and some wooden floors are used. Seven or eight years are still intact and dazzling. In fact, the secret lies in the maintenance of the wooden floor.

Waterproof and moisture-proof

In the process of using solid wood flooring, you must ensure that the floor is dry and clean. At the same time, you must avoid direct contact with water, and you must not use alkaline liquids when cleaning the floor, otherwise it will be easy to wipe the surface of the floor. If the paint film is damaged, try to wipe it with a dry mop.
Essential oil waxing
The solid wood floor needs to be waxed every time to maintain the gloss of the floor surface paint. Normally, it is waxed twice a year, and the floor wax is evenly spread on the floor surface, and then wiped back and forth with a dry cloth , And the floor oil can give a deeper layer of protection to the floor board, and the floor oil can penetrate into the floor substrate to strengthen the stability of the floor.
Take moisture-proof measures during installation
Immediately after laying the floor, keep the indoor air circulating. But when the rainy season comes, you must close the windows at any time to prevent the wooden floor from getting wet.
Overweight objects should be placed steadily. Furniture and other heavy objects should not be pushed or dragged, so as not to scratch the surface of the wear-resistant layer of the wooden floor.
Before and after the decoration, you can lay a floor mat at the door to prevent small gravel from being brought into the home when you enter the door.

Clean properly

Before the installation of laminate flooring, if the ground is not cleaned, there may be some small grit, etc. After the installation of the floor, in the daily trampling, the moisture-proof film of the wooden floor and the balance layer on the back of the floor are damaged, which may cause Moisture on the ground has caused the floor to bulge. In daily use, if there is water on the ground, it should be wiped dry as soon as possible. When cleaning on weekdays, use dry mopping as much as possible. If the floor stains are obvious, use a special cleaner for wooden floors to remove spots and stains. Do not clean with items with damage properties. , Such as metal tools, nylon friction pads and bleaching powder.

For wooden floors with minor problems, if the flooded area is small or the flooded part is on the edge, dry rags or paper towels can be used to close the joints of the wooden floor to absorb water vapor, or a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer can be used, but cold air must be used, because Hot air may heat and dry the surface of the wooden floor, causing deformation or even cracking. If the flooded area is large, you can consider closing the doors and windows and using air-conditioning to dry the floor with low-temperature dehumidification. The slightly flooded wooden floor can generally recover in one day.

The new house has just installed the solid wood floor. If there is no one to live for a long time, the room must be ventilated regularly to maintain the air humidity in the room and place the floor to prevent cracking.
Don't throw cigarette butts and other sundries on the floor in your daily life to prevent the floor from being burned, and in order to avoid sharp objects from scratching the floor surface, try to wear flat shoes at home.

If the solid wood floor is raised or raised, we must remove the floor in time, and then find out the reason for the raised floor and reinstall it. The raised floor is usually caused by the dampness of the floor. When installing wooden floors, remember to do waterproof and moisture-proof treatment. These suggestions can be obtained from the LVT Flooring manufacturers in china.