A important issure of opening a store in China

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Generally, the rent is refunded with exemption and reduction. For those who have signed the contract and paid the rent but are still under renovation or just recently opened, the rent deposit will be refunded. If the contract has not expired, if the store has other pvc flooring markets, some of the merchants will be moved to another market.

For example, the retired Jingkai hardware and building materials wholesale market was relocated to the new site of Gaobeidian, Hebei. 80% of the merchants in the original market also moved to Gaobeidian along with the market; after the deconstruction of the Jiahejiamei hotel supplies market, some merchants Moved to the hotel supplies design and customization center to continue to operate; this time some brand merchants of Aijia Furnishing West Fourth Ring Store moved to Aijia Furnishing Laiguangying Store. For consumers who have just shopped before closing the store, the store usually assumes after-sales service.

Budget of SPC Flooring in china  for rent is also exceeded.

Store opening costs are increasing, store performance is declining, but engineering channels are eating away at the largest market share. Under such a dilemma, many dealers are hesitant about store upgrades and new store expansions, and hesitate to continue to increase Invest? Or a complete renovation and upgrade of the original store?

The manufacturer hopes to improve the image of the store through transformation and upgrading.

The SPC Flooring in china hopes to improve the store image through transformation and upgrading.

In fact, the terminal store is not just a sales channel, it also undertakes the important mission of establishing an image and spreading the brand. It is the basis of all marketing activities such as products, brands, promotions and personnel in the terminal sales. It is the brand in a certain market. Base area. A store, like a banner, represents the position and influence of a brand in the market; what kind of store there is, what kind of market position; what kind of store there is, what kind of sales performance.